Web Site Accessibility

One in four computer users have a visual difficulty or impairment. The rich, graphical nature of the World Wide Web provides significant obstacles to individuals with limited or no vision. XSB, Inc. recognizes the importance of ensuring that our Web site is accessible to all of our visitors regardless of their disabilities. Our site has been developed in compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

We encourage anyone encountering difficulties accessing or utilizing any of our Web pages to contact us for assistance. To enable us to quickly respond to your accessibility concerns, please indicate nature of your accessibility problem, the page(s) you are having difficulty with, the web browser being used, the assistive technology being used, your contact information, and a brief explanation of the problem encountered.

The Bobby 508 Approved icon at the bottom of the page certifies that all pages of this Web site are free of 508 accessibility errors. Bobby is a free service that verifies that web pages are free from various accessibility errors and assists users in exposing and correcting barriers to accessibility.