Master Data File Generation

Development of Global Component Parts Library

Our customers often have independent systems for design, procurement, supply chain management, regulatory conformance and other product related activities.  Lack of product data standardization between locations and divisions, often the result of multiple mergers and acquisitions, has driven up costs, and complicated the selection of parts and sources of supply.  XSB’s patented Master Data File (MDF) generation process is a robust and scalable system for standardizing data about products and the companies who manufacture and distribute them. 

How does it work?
The XSB solution captures, maintains and leverages a single, trusted, accurate, current and complete  view of component part data found throughout the organization, its customers, and its Web of suppliers. This is done by generating a global product Master Data File.  We define this as a consistent and standardized set of identifiers and enriched product attributes that describe the core entities of an enterprise: customers, products, specifications and suppliers.

The MDF solution aggregates data from multiple sources; typically these include multiple databases and legacy systems internal to the enterprise, as well as external web based sources such manufacturer and supplier web sites. This external data frequently provides improved characteristics and logistics information critical to the enterprise. However, it may also introduce other data inconsistencies that need to be resolved. Once data is aggregated, manufacturer names and part numbers for each product are standardized and identical items described differently are discovered. This is done through statistical matching, knowledge of company brands, affiliations, and other associations. Through this process, duplicates, substitute and obsolete items within and between locations of an enterprise can be identified and resolved. 

The XSB process then organizes the data into categories (classes) of similar products. Establishing the class of a product enables us to determine the relevant attributes for those items and to enhance data with additional technical product characteristics that are needed for engineering, design, and source selection.

The result is a true Master Data File of de-duplicated, rich, standardized and easily searchable data.

Who can benefit from a Master Data File Implementation? 
Any large Multi-National Corporation can benefit through the development of a global product master.  The XSB MDF technology has been recognized as a force multiplier in the Aerospace and Defense sector.  The company has identified more than $5B in savings from the elimination of duplicate parts across three Fortune 100 companies. 

What are the benefits for My Organization?
The XSB solution has demonstrated its ability to:

  • Improve cost optimization
    • Direct savings through the identification of reasonable pricing and improved economic lot size purchases
    • Elimination of duplicate parts across the enterprise and associated stocking and maintenance costs
  • Improve efficiency
    • Identify substitutes and alternate parts across the supply chain
    • Reduce lead times four to tenfold
    • Identify alternate suppliers to mitigate obsolescence driven supply chain interruption  
  • Improve compliance and risk management processes
    • Assess the impact and rapidly respond to changing green and hazardous regulations

How can I learn more?
For additional information about the XSB MDF solution please contact us or call 631-371-8100.

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