The XSB Weapon System Impact Tool

What is WSIT?
Throughout the weapon system life cycle, Program Managers must be aware of the impact of standards on their systems.  For decades, Program Managers within the Military Services and DLA struggled to manually aggregate information from multiple legacy databases and documents to determine the impact of changes in standardization documents on major weapon systems  (i.e., to determine which standardization documents apply to which weapon systems and their components). Given the number of systems being managed and the complexity of each system (a single weapon system may contain 100k individual component parts governed by tens of thousands of specifications), this was not a scalable or reliable approach. 

XSB’s Weapon System Impact Tool (WSIT) was developed in 2004 to address this problem and provide users with an easy-to-use, automated system linking standardization documents to the weapon systems they affect and allowing Program Managers to quickly assess the impact of changes on system development, production, readiness, and sustainment.

Who should use WSIT?
WSIT is a government only tool used extensively by program managers supporting various DoD weapon systems for standardization, parts obsolescence and quality/safety purposes.

How does WSIT work?
WSIT leverages XSB’s patented data acquisition, extraction and reasoning technology to gather and structure information about NSNs from multiple legacy data sources.  The information is enriched with  structured attributes that are associated to each NSN.  These attributes include specifications associated to the NSN, materials used in its manufacture, the processes used to manufacture it, the weapon systems where the NSN is used, and dimensions of the NSN.  This information is critical for both standardization offices and weapon system program offices to understand the full impact of standardization and standardization changes on weapon system readiness.  Users can access this data via the WSIT web interface and query the system to explore the relations between standardization documents, parts, and weapon systems.

What are the benefits of WSIT?
WSIT provides users with access to the mission critical information needed throughout the life cycle of a weapon system.  Benefits of using WSIT include:

  • Cost savings
  • Enhanced logistics readiness and interoperability
  • Increased supportability and safety of systems and equipment
  • Reduced acquisition lead-time

How can I learn more?
For additional information about XSB Price Point please contact us or call 631-371-8100.