About XSB

XSB provides software and services for component product search, selection and management to large government and commercial buying organizations. Our patented parts data management and semantic web-based solutions turn the poor, inconsistent parts data found in enterprise applications into an integrated network of concepts that coherently represent the important relationships among parts used by the enterprise and its suppliers. We do this by integrating legacy data with rich external content. Large enterprises rely on XSB's Master Data File (MDF) technology to help them reduce the costs associated with product selection, fair market pricing, inventory reduction, item obsolescence and regulatory compliance. XSB's Enterprise Cloud Solutions and databases are hosted on servers in a state-of-the-art data center fully compliant with the PCI Level 3 Data Security Standards.

We have now extended our parts management technology to include the knowledge about parts and related processes that is found in specifications and standards. This information is critical to the engineers that design, manufacture, and maintain parts. Our solutions extend our MDF technology, which is used by procurement professionals who manage part sourcing, to include our SWISS technology (Semantic Web for Interoperable Specs and Standards) to be used by engineers who manage the entire product life cycle.

XSB is fundamentally changing the way commercial product data is published, exchanged and consumed through an Industrial Semantic Web.