For nearly two decades, XSB has delivered AI-based solutions to enable humans and machines to understand, share and act upon large amounts of data; accelerating time to market, driving savings, reducing risk and improving compliance throughout the enterprise and across the supply chain.

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Aerospace & Defense

Empowering A&D customers to drive efficiency as they design, build, procure & maintain the most complex, engineered products in the world .

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Space Exploration

The space race is on! XSB supports faster, safer, design, manufacture and testing of space systems.

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Energy & Construction

Fueling digital transformation in the Energy Industry, XSB connects siloed players & documents to ensure the efficient and safe construction and maintenance of complex projects.

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Public Sector

Improving efficiency and driving savings for public sector buyers.

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B2B & B2G eCommerce

Putting AI-driven market research tools and continuously up to date price intelligence to work for eCommerce Suppliers.

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Clothing & Textiles

Revolutionizing Tech data management for the apparel industry supply chain.

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Latest News & Articles

XSB, Inc. Awarded Phase I SBIR Grant as part of NASA’s $45M Investment in US Small Businesses for Space Tech Development

October 15, 2019 - Setauket NY

XSB announced a new NASA funded SBIR research grant, to explore interoperability between SysML and XSB’s SWISS® platform. The goal is to support engineering organizations participating in NASA’s cis-lunar infrastructure development as part of NASA's larger Moon to Mars exploration approach by enabling improved checking and analysis across multiple sources of models and specifications.

“Integrating “Smart Documents” into PLM and the Digital Thread” at Northrop Grumman

October 1, 2019 - Setauket NY

Bruce Mayer, Manager, Engineering Application Technology and Strategy of Northrop Grumman presented “Integrating “Smart Documents” into PLM and the Digital Thread” at CIMdata’s PLM Road Map™& PDT North America 2019 conference last month. Bruce’s presentation is based on his experience with XSB’s SWISS solution.

XSB CEO Presents XSB's Solution for Modeling Unstructured, Non-geometric Information for the Digital Thread at CIMdata’s PLM Road Map™ & PDT North America 2019 Conference

September 1, 2019 - Setauket NY

Rupert Hopkins, CEO of XSB was invited to present at at CIMdata’s PLM Road Map™& PDT North America 2019; there he shared XSB's SWISS solution for “Modeling Unstructured, Non-geometric Information for the Digital Thread”. SWISS smart, connected tech data provides accurate, automated documentation synchronization to eliminate a PLM pain point.