AI & Semantics

The Science behind our Solutions.

XSB, Inc. uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) in many of its tools and systems. XSB’s customers make critical design and procurement decisions using our products and our customers require visibility into any reasoning our products use to support their conclusions. As a result, the AI XSB uses must be “explainable”, i.e., the system must be able to show the user the chain of reasoning it used to reach a recommendation. In this way, the user can validate the reasoning or, if it is incorrect, find and rectify the faulty step. XSB primarily uses rule-based knowledge representation and reasoning systems based on logic, which support user-understandable explanations of all their steps of logical inference. Most of this AI technology is written in XSB Prolog, but other AI technology is also used in its support.

Knowledge representation and knowledge processing are fundamental to all of XSB Inc.’s applications. XSB, Inc. has developed an efficient, scalable Ontology Management System that we use to store, manage, integrate, and reason about all necessary domain knowledge. Over the two decades of its existence, XSB, Inc. has created, maintained, and expanded an integrated ontology of part information that forms the knowledge foundation for many of our applications.

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