Are Your Industry Standards Contributing to the Digital Thread or Just Papering Over it?

The Internet-of-Things for Publishing: Delivering Smart, Connected Industry Standards for the Model Based Enterprise

Whether you are a standards group within a company, or an industry standards body, you have been publishing, distributing and storing engineering documents as static, standalone PDF files for 20 years. But engineers use these documents as data: copying and pasting, and manually rekeying text, tables, graphs, images, and equations into other applications like MS Word, Excel, PLM systems and more, with frequent references to internal and external content.

Employee surrounded by large stacks of paper

Using PDF makes these tasks difficult, time-consuming, and prone to error as engineers are copying or rekeying static information that is not automatically updated from the authoritative source. Using outdated or inconsistent data causes mission-critical slowdowns, rework, and compliance issues. Additionally, as Industry 4.0 progresses, standards must be delivered in a format that can be easily consumed by machines on the factory floor. A 21st century solution is needed.

PDFs are so last century. SWISS is what’s next in standards documentation.

SWISS turns PDF, Word, and other static documents into interoperable, actionable data that integrates seamlessly with engineering applications. SWISS creates a live link between industry standards and a company’s proprietary standards. Works instructions, technical data packages, procurement packages, test plans, etc. are now in-synch with each other and the up-to-date authoritative source.

SWISS Smart, Connected Industry Standards for the Modal Based Enterprise

SWISS provides a new, 21st century standards publishing format with numerous benefits:

  • Offer your industry standards the way users (both humans and machines) need them: as interoperable digital data
  • Improve discoverability of your content by weaving it into the digital thread
  • Build stronger, more tightly coupled customer relationships
  • Improve IP protection; SWISS is designed to provide control over has the “rights” to access even sections of your content
  • Gain better insight into customer use of your content at the concept level

With hundreds of millions of connections (and growing) in the knowledge graph, SWISS is the future of engineering data; turn your industry standards into digital models and be part of the model-based enterprise revolution.

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