About XSB

“Systems of Intelligence” for Complex Products

XSB’s Solutions are “systems of intelligence” based on the attributes of manufactured products; these attributes can be parts, materials, processes, or even prices!

By systems of intelligence we mean applications that use AI to combine and standardize:

  • proprietary data sources internal to an organization
  • public/open data and
  • commercial data

This clean, semantically enriched, actionable data is then delivered via API to systems of record such as PLM systems or systems of engagement such as Business Intelligence tools, enabling people, organizations, and machines to understand, share, and act upon large amounts of data and complex concepts. The result has been dramatic savings of time and cost, reduced supply chain risk, and improved outcomes for Public Sector Procurement, Supply Chain Management and Engineering Document Automation.

Our Partners

We’ve partnered with IT consulting firms, software development companies and publishers; all recognized leaders in their respective fields. These relationships enable us to draw on the unique IP assets and experience of our Partners to deliver best in class solutions to our customers. To learn more about one of our partners and their capabilities, please click on their logo below.

AMC Bridge
BH Skye Associates
Data Conversion Laboratory Inc.
Interprolog Consulting
New River Systems
Openlink Software