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AI Driven business-to-government competitive price analysis and market intelligence

Grow Your Public Sector Sales and Increase Profitability

There are significant opportunities in public sector sales; federal government buyers purchase roughly $10B in products annually through federal supply schedule (FSS) contracts. More than $1.5B in sales are transacted through GSA Advantage! and DoD FedMALL, the primary government hosted eCommerce sites. These sites provide an easy market-entry point and are illustrative of the larger federal indirect spend. State, Local and public education institutions represent an equally large market.

Successful business-to-government (B2G) suppliers understand that to profitably grow sales they need actionable intelligence on what is actually selling in the marketplace and at what prices. XSB has been helping companies successfully compete for sales in this highly competitive and evolving market for more than a decade. Warwick provides fact-based competitive pricing analysis and B2G market intelligence at the SKU level. There’s nothing else like it in terms of pricing intelligence software.

Put the power of an AI-driven price optimization tool to work for you! In just a few clicks, Warwick can help you:

  • Size the market based on a SKU-level comparison to the products the government has contracted for and purchased;
  • Optimize your catalog by identifying the products that are in demand by product category;
  • Rank your prices against other suppliers to ensure you remain competitive and help set target prices for new products based on actual government spend data;
  • Understand the competitive landscape, market trends and seasonality impacting sales;
  • Ensure compliance with other government contractual requirements;
  • Save time and money by automating market research and competitive price analysis.

Warwick Competitive Price Analysis

Warwick provides valuable market insight for Manufacturers too! Warwick can show you how your products are moving through the supply chain, how your distributors are performing and can identify competitive products that are capturing market share.

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