XSB CEO Presents XSB’s Solution for Modeling Unstructured, Non-geometric Information for the Digital Thread at CIMdata’s PLM Road Map™ & PDT North America 2019 Conference

by | Sep 1, 2019 | Company News

Working with a consortium of industry, Government, and Standard Development Organizations, XSB developed a Model-Based approach to represent concepts buried in unstructured, non-geometric data, such as specifications, drawing notes, work instructions, etc. This approach, called SWISS® (Semantic Web for Interoperable Specifications and Standard), powers the transition from static PDF documents to digital models, capturing and bringing to life the network of concepts in technical data.

Standards in SWISS are managed as data – they can be output as a document for humans or queried through an API to link them to enterprise engineering systems such as Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), product models, and other machines. SWISS digital models automatically alert users when an element in an authoritative document is changed, cancelled, or superseded. The SWISS® platform also provides a framework and tools for composing and linking derivative works such as program requirements, test plans or work instructions to their authoritative, model-based sources.

SWISS smart, connected tech data provides accurate, automated documentation synchronization to eliminate a PLM pain point.

See the entire presentation here.

Rupert Hopkins is the Founder and CEO of XSB, Inc. In this role Rupert is responsible for guiding the company’s strategic vision and global business strategy. He is a recognized DOD Industry Innovator internationally known for his work in the commercialization of defense technologies and industrial productivity. He has served as an adviser to the U.S. Secretary of Defense Office of Economic Adjustment, the Defense Standardization Program Office, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Soros Foundation and others. A thought leader in the Internet of Things (IoT) space, Rupert has been the driving force behind XSB’s SWISS(R) technology. Prior to founding XSB in 1998, Rupert was the Director, Center for Alternate Sources of Parts (CASP) at Dayton T. Brown. He is also a former Long Island Regional Director of Economic Development.