Space Exploration

SWISS® Voluntary Consensus Standards

Enabling faster, safer, design, manufacture and testing of space systems

Whether it’s the Space Launch System (SLS) or the 205% increase in launches of nano- and micro-satellites, the space race is on1. SWISS® is helping space exploration companies:

  • Achieve faster time to launch
  • Drive out defects
  • Provide talented engineers with better tools

According to a presentation by David Meza, Chief Knowledge Architect at NASA2:

  • “Most engineers have to look at 13 different sources to find the information they are looking for and “46% of workers can’t find the information they need almost half the time”
  • “30% of total R&D spend is wasted duplicating work previously done” “54% of decisions are made with incomplete, inconsistent and inadequate information”

These are costly problems SWISS® seeks to eliminate. With SWISS, documents are reusable, yet always linked to their authoritative sources so they are change-aware. In addition, engineers can drag and drop data elements from authoritative source materials into MS Word to create accurate, trackable, and always-updated derivatives.

SWISS is enabling Voluntary Consensus Standards, also known as industry standards, to become part of a linked data model with NASA standards, all with the goal of faster, safer design, manufacture and testing of space systems.

Source: Space, Mars, and Standards NASA Technical Standards Program August 9, 2016
The SWISS library already includes top voluntary consensus standards used by NASA and space exploration companies: DoD, IPC, and others.
XSB’s goal is to see NASA’s own technical standards seamlessly linked to NASA voluntary consensus standards and Milspecs, as well as the proprietary standards, work instructions, test plans, technical data packages, etc. created by the world’s leading space exploration companies. Digital transformation with SWISS provides significant benefits in nearly every stage of project lifecycle.
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